Northern Cyprus is a Treasure Trove
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Northern Cyprus is a Treasure Trove 

Hello everyone, how are you all? I will tell you right now how Northern Cyprus is a treasure trove.

Now let’s get started.

  • There will be a rediscovery of an abandoned site of pure natural beauty. a place with limitless beaches made of sand and perfect Mediterranean weather. It has a strong connection to history and culture from bygone eras.
  • This is undoubtedly the most affordable area to live in the West, underdeveloped, and overeducated. Here, you might get a property at a beach resort for as little as US$18.50 per day.
  • This former British colony has a low crime rate and a high English language usage rate. It also has found the secret to living the perfect lifestyle according to investing in real estate North Cyprus.
  • Long lifespans are attributed to stress-free lifestyles and healthy diets. Doctors are still amazed by the lowering yearly rates of diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes. Like many other rich Mediterranean cities, it is known as the Miami of the Mediterranean. Even so, despite its magnificence and many honors, very few Europeans are aware of its presence.
  • Just 330,000 people are living in this unusual place in the northeastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea, close to the border with the European Union.
  • It enjoys an almost perfect Mediterranean climate, with up to 340 days of sunshine each year and temperatures that seldom ever drop below 15°C (59°F) or rise over 40°C (104°F) due to cooling winds.
  • You are free to enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful beaches if you so choose. This hidden gem could have some of the best real estate in the West. But it won’t last forever. You are free to enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful beaches if you so choose.
  • This hidden gem could have some of the best real estate in the West. But it won’t last forever.
  • Due to its attractive business and investment climate and youthful English-speaking population, this Mediterranean gem is becoming more and more well-known worldwide.
  • The next great land rush in history will take place in Northern Cyprus, therefore, now is the ideal moment for you to visit.
  • Medical tourism is highly popular due to the high quality of hospitals and medical treatments it offers.
  • The education sector is the second most significant industry in this progressive country. It boasts more students per capita than any other country, thanks to six universities that are so good that they attract thousands of international students.
  • There is a gold mine in North Cyprus just waiting to be discovered. With its unspoiled landscapes and natural splendor, its immaculate beaches, villages, and cities are concealed.
  • Northern Cyprus is a veritable gold mine of unspoiled beaches, breathtaking scenery, and historical and archaeological treasures according to North Cyprus real estate market. It is a popular destination for medical travel, frequently referred to as the Miami of the Mediterranean.

Locations related to history and archaeology

  • Salamis: Preserved remnants of an ancient city
  • Bellapais Abbey: A charming abbey
  • A castle in the style of Rome is Kyrenia Castle. A 50-seat theatre, Roman pillars, and statues can all be found in this one-square-mile site close to the coast.

Beautiful natural surroundings

  • Beautiful surroundings
  • peculiar natural wonders
  • The easternmost point of Northern Cyprus is home to the pristine beauty of the Karpaz Peninsula.

Gorgeous and spotless beaches

  • Medical tourism includes top-notch medical facilities, top-notch education, cozy lodging, and unique cultural experiences.

About North Cyprus

  • Cyprus is the third-largest island in the Mediterranean. It is in the same latitude as Southern California, although it is far more expensive and has better weather.
  • The Republic of Cyprus, the part of the island that is located in the south, had a boom in real estate after it was accepted to the EU in 2004. I bought a golf cottage in the Republic of Cyprus, just outside Paphos, to try and cash in on that boom.
  • Most of the island’s 486 miles of beaches and shoreline are found in Northern Cyprus, which occupies 36% of the island and is still governed by Turkey.
  • Most of the island’s 486 miles of beaches and shoreline are found in Northern Cyprus, which occupies 36% of the island and is still governed by Turkey.
  • Twenty years ago, there was political turmoil between the two portions of the island.
  • When I bought in the northern part of Cyprus twenty years ago, no one was thinking of buying there with Northern Cyprus property problems.
  • Things have settled down, the borders are open, and northern prices remain up to 66% cheaper than those in the Republic.
  • Now is the moment for the North to advance.

Economy of Northern Cyprus

  • Over 69% of the GDP in Northern Cyprus, a country with a free market economy, comes from services like travel, healthcare, and education. The diversification of its economy shows that it’s a cutting-edge place to do business. Agriculture makes up 9% of the GDP, and expansion in this sector is anticipated. A quarter of the economy is made up of manufacturing. The government continues to provide funds for infrastructure projects and works hard to attract foreign direct investment by offering enticing tax breaks and incentives. 

Investment incentives

  • Incentives for launching a business include duty-free equipment imports, reduced stamp duty on real estate acquisitions, reduced mortgage and loan fees, and tax write-offs of up to 200% for qualified firms.
  • The corporate tax rate on the remaining chargeable income is only 10% after all of these write-offs and deductions.
  • If you wish to invest in Northern Cyprus and take advantage of its many advantages, the Famagusta Free Zone offers a 115-acre duty-free export zone. This is the perfect spot to conduct business.
  • Numerous authorized industrial zones in Northern Cyprus are available for investment.
  • Another industry that is growing quickly in Northern Cyprus is agriculture. Food production has flooded the market since the freshwater pipeline from Turkey was installed, allowing for year-round growth and easy access to the substantial and hungry Turkish population.

What to do in  Northern Cyprus?

If the endless Mediterranean sunlight, vast sandy beaches, and excellent restaurants aren’t enough, there are plenty of other things to do. Among these activities are scuba diving, snorkeling, shopping, golfing, casinos, and nightlife.

Living expenses

  • The cost of owning a property is reasonable here with real estate market of Northern Cyprus, with real estate priced at about one-third that of similar properties in the Republic of Cyprus, which is located close across the border.
  • Seafood is reasonably priced, and high-quality cuisine that is produced locally is likewise reasonably priced. My favorite is the delicious döner kebab from the street-side cafés; it costs less than $3 and comes with a salad.
  • The standard of education and health care is on par with that of home.
  • Living expenses are low since the local currency, the Turkish lira, has lost half of its value compared to the US dollar in the last year alone. Prices were low even before the devaluation.

Real estate market

  • Discussions on uniting the island’s two halves cooled off after the southern part joined the EU, while the Northern Cyprus real estate market stagnated between 2008 and 2014.
  • The year 2014 saw the beginning of a subtle property boom, which is only now reaching its zenith.
  • Everyone can see that the border region’s real estate is selling for two or three times as much as it does up north.
  • Northern Cyprus is currently witnessing a rise in medical tourism in addition to beach and cultural tourism through property for sale in North Cyprus by owners. This growth is being fueled by large government investments as well as a groundbreaking cosmetic surgery and medical research business that uses stem cells to treat a variety of medical ailments.

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I have attempted to elucidate the reasons behind Northern Cyprus is a treasure trove I hope reading this was enjoyable for you.



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