North Cyprus real estate offers a multitude of benefit
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North Cyprus Real Estate Offers a Multitude of Benefits

Hello and welcome everyone to this blog. Today I am going to tell you about how North Cyprus real estate offers a multitude of benefits.

So here we go.

Purchasing real estate in Northern Cyprus offers investors several benefits, including:

  • Reasonably priced real estate enhances rental yields and tax benefits
  • steady political environment
  • minimal crime rate
  • Potential for travel
  • Beautiful surrounds
  • growing economy
  • high monetary value
  • advantages of the law when done righteously

Other benefits include through property for sale in North Cyprus by owners:

  •  No restrictions on trading or reselling government-backed investment securities
  • Not a single property tax, inheritance, or capital gain
  • Prospective entry into the European Union with only a valid residency permit
  • Low cost of living and favorable capital growth
  • Affordably priced rental property

Here are some methods for purchasing real estate in Northern Cyprus:

  • acquiring real estate and investing in the housing stock or a crowdsourcing website
  • Investing in REITs, or real estate investment trusts

Real estate in North Cyprus is a special chance for people looking for a friendly neighborhood with low crime rates. This location is ideal for a permanent residence, a getaway, or a tranquil retirement community. Travelers are drawn to the area, which supports the local real estate market.


Often referred to as Northern Cyprus, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is one of the most enticing countries in which to invest in real estate. Over the past few years, prices have been rising gradually: the cost of units in the primary market grows by 10% annually, and increases of at least 5% also occur in the secondary market.

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The allure of Northern Cyprus lies in its affordable costs, first-rate real estate, and comfortable way of life. The low real estate tax rate is an additional crucial factor in North Cyprus property investment. These days, investors even call Northern Cyprus a tax haven. In this blog, we’ll discuss the extra advantages of real estate investing in the TRNC.

Fair rates for real estate

Compared to other well-liked Mediterranean destinations, real estate in the TRNC is more reasonably priced. For this reason, investors seeking to buy property at a reasonable price and produce a consistent flow of rental income are drawn to Northern Cyprus. A one-bedroom apartment’s average cost in 2022 was €70,000. Rent for such a home can reach €1,000 per month.

High rental business returns

There is a high demand for rental property in the TRNC because of its appeal to tourists. Northern Cyprus is an excellent destination for investors because it offers some of the best rental yields in all of Europe.

Furthermore, you can buy a house and make money without even having to locate tenants! If you buy an apartment or villa in an off-plan development and then sell it when the project is completed, the value of your home will improve by thirty percent.

Minimal property taxes

There is a fairly low annual property tax in Northern Cyprus with bungalows for sale in North Cyprus

, which is based on square meters. Payment can be made in two installments (spring and autumn).

The tax is calculated using Turkish Liras (TL). The cost per square meter of living space up to 120 m2 is TL 1.85 (USD 0.095). As stated otherwise, the annual tax payment for a 100 m2 property is 185 TL (USD 9.5).

For properties larger than 120 m2, a separate method is applied to determine the tax liability: an additional TL 1.85 must be paid by the owner, and TL 2 (USD 0.1) is levied on properties larger than 120 m2.

For example, the annual tax for a 150 m2 living area will be TL 282 (USD 14.5). Thirty meters are taxed at TL 2, while the remaining 120 meters are taxed at a rate of TL 1.85.

A politically stable atmosphere

Compared to other countries in the region, Northern Cyprus has a static political environment. The country went into a state of peace after the fighting in 1974, which facilitated the expansion of the real estate market.

Economic expansion

The economy of Northern Cyprus is growing, thus there are many opportunities for investors to make money. The government is investing heavily in infrastructure, business, and tourism development.

Free zone

The TRNC has an edge over other nations despite not being an EU member. The pound sterling, which is a more stable currency than the euro, is used to determine the value of real estate in Spain, Greece, and southern Cyprus according to investing in North Cyprus property. A disheartening feature is that investors consider the Greek banking industry to be especially risky. Consequently, purchasing real estate in the TRNC has two key advantages: low cost of living due to the Turkish lira’s favorable exchange rate and stable property values due to the pound sterling peg.

Low rate of criminality

One of the safest places in the world is Northern Cyprus, per a ValuePenguin study report. The country is ranked fifth out of 106 countries that were studied. According to a different ranking, Cyprus is the safest place to live and travel among countries with fewer than 5 million citizens.

Nothing to reveal

The banking sector in the TRNC is “grey,” walled off from international financial institutions, as a result of the main nations’ lack of recognition. The banks in Northern Cyprus are virtually cut off from SWIFT. In addition, all data submitted to the Ministry of Finance is kept confidential, including any financial or other information as well as the identity of the beneficial owners of companies or real estate.

Low-risk area for earthquakes

The most seismically active area of Cyprus is along its southern coast. There are tremors felt here every year. Earthquakes can occur in the area, even if they are uncommon, and rarely result in significant destruction or fatalities. For this reason, they cannot be completely disregarded.

The northern part of the island has minimal seismic activity. Furthermore, the government has lately instituted strict building requirements that comply with international seismic standards.

Those who want to diversify their holdings and make long-term returns could buy real estate in Northern Cyprus. The region offers several advantages, including cheap real estate prices, strong rental returns, tax incentives, a stable political environment, low crime rates, the possibility of tourism, a breathtaking landscape, and a robust economy for Northern Cyprus property problems.

Among the ways to invest in real estate in Northern Cyprus are buying a house, buying housing stock or using a crowdfunding site, and buying real estate investment trusts (REITs). Accurate data collection, working with reputable professional associations, and abiding by all relevant laws and regulations are essential. When done correctly, real estate investments in Northern Cyprus can provide investors with great returns as well as a stable future.

Is buying property in Northern Cyprus a smart choice?

Because there are many chances to buy property at the current low rates, investing in real estate in Northern Cyprus might yield a quick return on investment.

Does North Cyprus offer citizenship?

Through the government’s citizenship by investment initiative, foreigners can get citizenship in Northern Cyprus by investing a minimum of €300,000. Other investment choices include real estate, government bonds, and the Northern Cyprus Development Bank.

I’ve done my best to explain to you all the advantages that owning real estate in Northern Cyprus may provide.

I sincerely hope you found my blog enjoyable to read, and I appreciate you taking the time to do so. Have an amazing day.



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