How to Buy Property in North Cyprus?
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How to Buy Property in North Cyprus?

Buying property overseas is a dream for many, especially in a country by the sea. Even though the process might be exhilarating, purchasing real estate overseas is a serious decision that requires forethought and preparation. There are several things to consider when conducting the process, whether it is done domestically or overseas. What then needs to be properly taken into account when buying real estate in Northern Cyprus? The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has just lately begun to receive foreign investment.

The region is a genuine “pearl” of the Mediterranean while being essentially unknown to the outside world. It’s important to pay attention to the incredible economic opportunities in the northern part of the island, in addition to the pristine scenery and endless sand beaches. Although it has long since reached three thousand euros in other Mediterranean-coastal countries, the average cost per square meter in Northern Cyprus is still approximately one thousand euros of North Cyprus real estate market.

Selecting a property in Northern Cyprus 

First and most importantly, choose the right property. The first thing to consider is if you’re buying for a permanent home, a holiday, or a long-term or short-term investment. The price of an item is influenced by a variety of characteristics, including its age, number of stories, window view, number of rooms, proximity to infrastructure, and accessibility of neighboring amenities.

First, let’s review the considerations for purchasing any type of property:

You should locate your new home in a location with significant future growth and development potential, in addition to considering resale value.

Pick a location with good facilities and infrastructure. For instance, if the residence is near major retailers, schools, hospitals, highways, stations, and other establishments, it is highly valued.

Things to consider when purchasing property

  • Choose a venue, arrange the funds, create a spending plan, and more.
  • The building’s quality; the accessibility of power and water;
  •  the need for renovations and furnishings; and the related expenses.

Northern Cyprus

Cyprus is the third-largest island in the Mediterranean. Its closest neighbors are Egypt to the south, Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon to the southeast, Syria to the east, and Turkey to the north. The island measures 9251 km2 in total surface area. Three hundred fifty thousand people live in the country according to investing in real estate North Cyprus. The capital is Nicosia. The other districts are Lefke, Yeni İskele, Güzelyurt, Famagusta, and Kyrenia.

There is no requirement for a visa to enter the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The currency accepted is the Turkish Lira. Seven percent of people living in the TRNC have a university degree, and ninety-nine percent are literate. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is ranked twenty-fourth on the list of countries where people can live comfortably. The climate is primarily Mediterranean. In the TRNC, cars are driven with the right hand and flow traffic from the left.

Steps you can take to buy property

  • Decide how much you’ll spend: Consider your current financial status and your accessible funds. Verify if you are also eligible for a home loan.
  • Choose a location: Select a location based on your preferences and needs.
  • Select the type of property: Consider the size and features of the property when selecting the type you want.
  • Examine and choose properties: Look for houses that meet your needs.
  • Review the real estate documentation: Verify the owner of the property by looking through the documents. You should also check the title document to confirm who owns the property and that it is in the developer’s name.
  • Obtain preapproval for a home loan: Get preapproved for a house loan if needed.
  • Talk about the cost: Work out a contract for the purchase and agree on a price with the seller.
  • Offer: Always make an offer through a real estate broker.
  • Take the time and money-saving precaution of exercising due diligence, which includes a home inspection by Northern Cyprus apartments for rent.
  • Seal the deal: Ownership of the property is transferred at the closing, sometimes referred to as the “settlement” meeting.
  • Other tips for buying a property include selecting a trustworthy builder, verifying the property’s resale value, looking into additional costs, working with an estate agent, and improving your credit score.

To buy real estate in Northern Cyprus, foreigners must apply for Permission to Purchase (PTP) from the Ministry of Interior. Throughout the six-to-twelve-month PTP process, the buyer is still able to take possession of the property and sell it. The Ministry of Interior will consult with the land registry, immigration officials, and the army during the process.

To buy property in Northern Cyprus, take these actions:

  • Examine and decide on a property.
  • Together with the vendor, decide on the terms and sale price.
  • Give a down payment of between 1,000 and 5,000 pounds and sign a reservation agreement.
  • Hire a lawyer to check titles.
  • Both the buyer and the seller should sign agreements.
  • Pay by the guidelines provided.

Number of properties you are allowed to buy in North Cyprus

  • Foreigners are limited to one property or one donum of land (14,400 square feet) per individual or married couple unless they obtain a foreign or Turkish title. Eight to ten years is the average repayment duration for real estate in Northern Cyprus.
  • The maximum amount of real estate you can purchase in Northern Cyprus
  • The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) allows non-citizens to own up to five doughnuts, or little more than 1.5 acres (5 dunums of land OR a home on land of up to that size), in one property registered in the TRNC’s name. However, by setting up a corporation or trust that is registered in North Cyprus, or by locating a trustworthy nominee to retain title on your behalf, foreigners can simply and regularly purchase many homes with apartments for sale in North Cyprus.
  • Wife and husband may own one property each, however, if their surnames on their passports are different, they may be able to own two. A property may be registered by an organization or by a person. Get in contact with our NCI consultants for advice on creating a TRNC corporation or utilizing trustees to hold the property’s title on your behalf—both of which may have tax benefits.
  • Every property in North Cyprus has a freehold title document linked to it. There is no leasehold owned by the TRNC.
  • At NCI, we want to make the process of buying a house in North Cyprus enjoyable, and we take great pride in easing the stress out of the selection process. Once on the island, it is customary to hold a property reservation by making a non-refundable deposit of between £2,000 and £10,000. This amount varies according to the kind of property being held. The deposit might be transferred to another property that the same entity owns or develops.

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You have the option of paying the vendor directly or through your lawyer. However, a lot of people like to book ahead of time to view it.

NCI has set up a unique 7-day refundable deposit that may be paid in advance of your trip to North Cyprus, giving you enough time to book a flight to see the property, all to provide you with total peace of mind. As a company that takes great satisfaction in conducting business responsibly, NCI strongly advises against doing business with anyone who asks for an unclear deposit before your visit.



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