How Much Is a Bottle of Water in Northern Cyprus?
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How Much Is a Bottle of Water in Northern Cyprus?

Drinking tap water in Cyprus is not the best idea, so ensuring the delivery of clean water is one of the top priorities on the island.

Even for boiling purposes, it is better not to use tap water because it often leaves sediment on the appliances. Of course, it depends on the well from where the water is sourced, but it is not recommended to use water from the pipeline coming from Turkey for boiling.

The Cost of Bottled Water in Northern Cyprus: An In-Depth Analysis

Northern Cyprus, officially known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), is a region rich in history, culture, and natural beauty for real estate in Northern Cyprus. However, like many Mediterranean locales, it faces challenges with water supply and quality. As a result, bottled water is a staple for both residents and tourists. This article delves into the cost of bottled water in Northern Cyprus, exploring factors that influence prices, comparison with other regions, and the broader economic and environmental implications.

Overview of Bottled Water Market in Northern Cyprus

The bottled water market in Northern Cyprus is characterized by a variety of local and imported brands. Water quality concerns and the hot Mediterranean climate contribute to high consumption rates. Tourists, in particular, drive demand during peak travel seasons.

On average, the cost of a 1.5-liter bottle of water in Northern Cyprus ranges from 2 to 4 Turkish Lira (TL), approximately 0.20 to 0.40 USD as of 2024. Smaller bottles (0.5 liters) are priced around 1 to 2 TL (0.10 to 0.20 USD). Prices can vary based on the point of purchase, with supermarkets offering lower prices compared to convenience stores or tourist hotspots to buy property in Northern Cyprus. Additionally, you have the option to buy 20 liters of water from vending machines for just 1 Euro, which is more cost-effective than purchasing 1.5-liter bottled water. Keep in mind that prices may vary slightly based on location and specific brands. Stay hydrated!

Factors Influencing Bottled Water Prices

1. Import Costs and Local Production

   Imported Brands Imported bottled water tends to be more expensive due to transportation and import duties. Popular international brands such as Evian or Perrier can be found but at a premium price.

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   Local Brands Local brands like Saka and Hayat dominate the market, offering more competitive prices. These brands are often perceived as providing good quality water at an affordable price.

2. Economic Factors

   Exchange Rates The exchange rate between the Turkish Lira and other major currencies, especially the Euro and USD, plays a significant role in determining the cost of imported goods, including bottled water.

   Inflation Turkey has experienced high inflation rates in recent years, which directly impacts the purchasing power of residents and the pricing of everyday commodities.

3. Distribution and Retail Markup

   Supermarkets vs. Convenience Stores supermarket chains like Lemar or Tempo often offer discounts and bulk purchase options, making bottled water cheaper than in smaller convenience stores or kiosks.

   Tourist Areas In tourist-heavy areas such as Kyrenia or Famagusta, prices are generally higher due to increased demand and the convenience factor for travelers according to apartments for sale in North Cyprus.

4. Seasonal Variations

   During the summer months, demand for bottled water spikes due to the influx of tourists and the scorching heat. This increased demand can sometimes lead to slight price hikes.

Comparison with Other Regions

Comparing the cost of bottled water in Northern Cyprus with other regions provides perspective:

Southern Cyprus Bottled water prices in Southern Cyprus are relatively similar, though the stronger Euro compared to the Turkish Lira can make a direct comparison challenging.

Turkey Mainland Turkey, particularly in urban areas like Istanbul, tends to have slightly lower prices due to larger market size and economies of scale in production and distribution.

Greece’s bottled water prices are higher on average, reflecting the stronger Euro and the tourism-driven economy for rental properties in Northern Cyprus.

Economic and Environmental Implications

1. Economic Impact

   Household Budgets For residents, particularly those with lower incomes, the cost of bottled water can constitute a significant portion of their monthly expenses. Ensuring access to affordable drinking water remains a critical issue.

  Tourism For tourists, the cost of bottled water is a minor but essential part of travel expenses. The availability of affordable bottled water can enhance the overall tourist experience

2. Environmental Concerns

   Plastic Waste The high consumption of bottled water leads to substantial plastic waste. Northern Cyprus, like many regions, faces challenges in managing this waste sustainably.

  Sustainability Initiatives Efforts are being made to promote recycling and reduce plastic use. Some businesses and hotels have started offering filtered water stations to reduce reliance on single-use plastic bottles.

3. Government and NGO Initiatives

   Water Quality Projects Both governmental and non-governmental organizations are involved in projects aimed at improving the quality of tap water, which could reduce the dependency on bottled water in the long run for investing in real estate North Cyprus.

   Public Awareness Campaigns to raise awareness about the environmental impact of bottled water and the benefits of using reusable bottles are gradually gaining traction.


The cost of bottled water in Northern Cyprus reflects a blend of local production capabilities, economic conditions, and market dynamics. While prices are generally affordable for tourists, they can be a significant expense for residents, especially amidst economic challenges like inflation and currency fluctuations.

Environmental concerns add another layer of complexity, highlighting the need for sustainable practices and infrastructure improvements. Efforts to enhance water quality and promote recycling are crucial steps toward balancing economic needs with environmental stewardship.

As Northern Cyprus continues to develop, striking a balance between affordability, accessibility, and sustainability will be key to ensuring that both residents and visitors can enjoy clean and affordable drinking water in bungalows for sale in North Cyprus.

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