Explore Exceptional Apartments for Sale in Northern Cyprus
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Explore Exceptional Apartments for Sale in Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus is a popular destination for property purchasers due to its exceptional combination of affordability and scenic beauty.

What is an apartment?

An apartment can be a standalone dwelling with its kitchen, bathroom, and entrance, or it can be a section of one or more residential buildings. In a multifamily complex, apartments are typically one-story structures with many units. Depending on how many units it contains, the building itself may be categorized as commercial property, but the individual units are still considered residential real estate.

Generally, one owner or management company is in charge of both the infrastructure repairs and maintenance of each unit as well as the common area care. Although apartments are usually attached to rental residences, they can be owned, as in co-ops or condos.

Purchasing flats in Northern Cyprus offers investors several benefits, including low-cost real estate boosts, tax advantages, and rental profits.

  • steady political environment
  • low crime rate
  • Travel possibilities
  • Beautiful scenery and a growing economy
  • significant financial advantages of the law when effectively implemented

To purchase real estate in Northern Cyprus, follow these steps:

  • Look over and select a property.
  • To find out the conditions and buying price, speak with the vendor.
  • Along with the reservation agreement, a one to five thousand pound down deposit is required.
  • Get a lawyer to go over the titles.
  • Use the following recommendations at your own expense.

Does North Cyprus provide citizenship?

Under the government’s citizenship by investment program, foreigners can become citizens of Northern Cyprus by making a minimum contribution of €300,000. Other investment opportunities include government bonds, real estate, and the Northern Cyprus Development Bank.

Low expenses, high yield

The low cost of living, education, and student housing in the area make studying in North Cyprus very affordable and enticing for international students. Additionally, several local colleges include English instruction as a major component of their curricula, according to property owners in North Cyprus for sale.


The yearly rental returns were above 10% between 2016 and 2020. The global pandemic caused this percentage to fall to 5%, however considering the effect of TL’s devaluation against other currencies, this figure would seem steady for a few more years.

The main reasons for this are the amount of land that may be exploited and the limited number of development sites. Not to add, a new law imposed by the TRNC municipal planning office limits and decreases the number of units that may be built, especially in the city centre and surrounding districts of Kyrenia.

North Cyprus

The eastern Mediterranean country of Northern Cyprus is a well-liked vacation spot for people seeking an unparalleled lifestyle since it offers a unique fusion of breathtaking scenery, diverse cultures, and modern amenities. Northern Cyprus is the epitome of the Mediterranean, with its breathtaking scenery, vibrant beaches, exciting casinos, and varied culinary scene. The year-round weather is excellent there. This post discusses the many advantages of living in Northern Cyprus and demonstrates why it’s the ideal destination if you want to combine luxury, adventure, and leisure. There are several reasons for the remarkably cheap cost of real estate in North Cyprus.

The Real Estate Marketplace in Northern Cyprus is Ignition

Growing interest from foreign purchasers and consistently rising property values indicate that Northern Cyprus real estate is experiencing a considerable boom with apartments for sale in North Cyprus. Ongoing infrastructural development and government initiatives to stimulate tourism and international real estate investment contribute to Northern Cyprus’s allure. There are many new residential and commercial projects underway that provide significant growth potential and returns on investment. Investors have a wide range of options, from opulent mansions to office spaces.

Because North Cyprus’s real estate market is still in its infancy, it is a viable prospect for both investors and purchasers. The legal system was unprepared for blunders when they occurred. However, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has improved since then. For instance, on January 2, 2008, laws requiring you to register your contract against the deeds went into effect; this provides a significant amount of additional protection that was previously unavailable.

Reasonably priced real estate

Northern Cyprus has very affordable real estate when compared to other Mediterranean destinations. A three-bedroom home, for example, may cost half as much in Northern Cyprus as it would in Southern Cyprus or Spain. Homes and business spaces are among the many assets available in Northern Cyprus at affordable costs. As a result, the area is a solid choice for real estate investors.

Unrestricted area

Purchasing property in North Cyprus clarifies that the value of real estate in southern Cyprus, Spain, and Greece is based on the pound sterling, which is a more reliable currency than the euro. One disheartening element is that investors perceive the Greek banking industry as especially risky. Purchasing real estate in the TRNC thus offers two key advantages: a low cost of living due to the favorable exchange rate of the Turkish lira and stable property prices due to the pound sterling peg.


Strategic Alignment

Because Northern Cyprus is well located as a bridge linking the East and the West, buying real estate there offers several advantages. The region is a great place to purchase real estate in Cyprus because of its ports and airports, which provide easy access to important markets in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Every year, a rising number of tourists flock to this beautiful coastline and ancient sites, offering a multitude of investment possibilities in the real estate and hospitality sectors.

Increased Rates of Rental Income

The region’s growing expat population and tourism appeal contribute to Northern Cyprus’s strong rental returns for investors. Appropriate properties in prime locations, like waterfront apartments or capital city homes, can generate 5-7% yearly rental returns. This is significantly higher than the average for numerous other European countries. Given that tourism is a seasonal sector, employing flexible rental choices might optimize earning potential throughout the year. A growing student population, a growing tourism sector, and an expanding pool of investors are driving up demand for flats for sale in North Cyprus. With the potential for rental rates as high as 12%, this steady and growing rental market offers significant investment returns.

Putting Money into a Helpful Environment

The government of Northern Cyprus offers several incentives to entice foreign investment, such as tax exemptions, streamlined procedures for purchasing real estate, and investment-related legal support. A growing economy and a politically stable atmosphere both contribute to the investment climate by providing a strong foundation for long-term investments. In addition, the Northern Cyprus Chamber of Commerce promotes networking and company expansion by assisting and advising prospective investors.

mortgage agreement

North Cyprus has a well-established mortgage system, in contrast to countries with economies that are more developed. Demand has been controlled by the restricted mortgage availability, which has also controlled pricing. However, owing to North Cyprus apartment sales, things got better in April 2008 when a new lender joined the market. Thus, the absence of a strong financial framework is probably the primary cause of North Cyprus real estate’s low cost. Consider the UK real estate market in the absence of a mortgage system; North Cyprus has a comparable circumstance.

Putting Money into Sterling

Investing in the British pound sterling, one of the strongest currencies in the world with a secure and strong financial base is what renting flats in Northern Cyprus entails.

Advantages of Taxation

The tax advantages of buying real estate in North Cyprus should also be taken into account. Since there are few or no taxes on the acquisition, ownership, rental income, and capital gains of real estate, North Cyprus offers real estate investors a favorable tax environment.

In addition, transfers of property after five years of ownership are not subject to capital gains tax, and rental income received by non-residents is not subject to income tax.

Depreciated Money

The official currency of North Cyprus is the Turkish lira (TRY), which has a lower value than the euro (EUR) of Greece. Customers may now afford expenses more affordably because of this depreciation.

Higher living standards

Northern Cyprus’s excellent standard of living is one of its biggest attractions. In addition to the more than 300 sunny days residents experience each year, the affordable cost of living in this region guarantees top-notch facilities and services. Northern Cyprus’s internationally recognized educational institutions and well-established, reasonably priced healthcare system attract both immigrants and families.

Zone free from seismic hazards

The southern shore of Cyprus is the region experiencing the most seismic activity. Every year, earthquakes are felt here. Although they are rare, earthquakes can happen in the area and seldom cause considerable damage or fatalities. They cannot, therefore, be entirely ignored. The island’s northern region has very little seismic activity. In addition, the government has implemented stringent building regulations that align with global seismic norms.

Purchasing real estate in Northern Cyprus is a great option for investors looking to diversify their assets and generate long-term returns. For Northern Cyprus real estate companies, the area has several benefits, such as cheap real estate costs, large rental yields, tax breaks, a stable political climate, low crime rates, the potential for tourism, a beautiful landscape, and a robust economy.

Purchasing a home, purchasing housing stock, utilizing crowdsourcing platforms, or purchasing real estate investment trusts (REITs) are all viable options for properties for sale in Northern Cyprus. It is crucial to acquire accurate data, collaborate with respectable professional associations, and abide by all applicable rules and regulations. Northern Cyprus real estate investments have the potential to yield significant returns and guarantee investors a secure future when executed skillfully.

low crime rate

Northern Cyprus is among the safest places on Earth, according to a ValuePenguin research report. Out of the 106 nations that were examined, the nation comes in fifth place. Cyprus tops a separate rating of nations with less than 5 million inhabitants as the safest destination for travel and permanent residence.

Harmonious and Pure

North Cyprus is more clean, serene, and less developed than certain well-known Greek islands. The tranquil setting attracts those seeking rest and magnificent beauty. A house’s construction cost in North Cyprus can vary depending on some factors, including its size, materials, location, and level of architectural intricacy. An average property’s cost is estimated to be between GBP 990 and GBP 1,500 per square meter, though.

Because of a special combination of attributes, Northern Cyprus provides rental houses that are surprisingly inexpensive for individuals searching for attractive real estate at a fair price. Investing in the North Cyprus real estate market offers several advantages, such as increased growth, security, income, and level of living. If you would want more details about the options and opportunities related to buying property in North Cyprus.

One of the top ten beach places in the world to invest in real estate, according to Forbes magazine, is the Iskele district of North Cyprus. Even outside of North Cyprus, Kyrenia will remain the most profitable city on its own in the global real estate market.

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