Why Buy Property in North of Cyprus?
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Buy Property in North of Cyprus

Discover the Hidden Gem of Northern Cyprus. 

  • A pristine natural place that has been abandoned will be rediscovered. a location with endless sandy beaches and ideal Mediterranean temperatures. It is closely linked to the history and culture of earlier times.
  • Unquestionably, this is the most overeducated, undeveloped, and inexpensive place to live in the West. In this case, a day’s rent at a beach resort may be as little as US$18.50.
  • Both violence and English language usage are high in this former British colony. Investing in real estate in North Cyprus has revealed the secret to enjoying the ideal lifestyle.
  • Healthy diets and stress-free lifestyles are linked to long lifespans. The declining annual incidence of diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes continues to astound medical professionals. It is referred to as the Miami of the Mediterranean, along with many other wealthy Mediterranean cities. Even so, very few Europeans are aware of its existence, despite its grandeur and numerous distinctions.
  • This peculiar location on the EU border, at the northeastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea, is home to just 330,000 people.
  • Some of the nicest real estate in the West may be found in this hidden treasure. It isn’t going to last, though.
  • This Mediterranean jewel is becoming increasingly well-known across the world because of its favorable business and investment climate and young English-speaking populace.
  • This is the perfect time for you to visit Northern Cyprus since it will be the site of the next major land rush in history.
  • Because of the excellent hospitals and medical care, it provides, medical tourism is quite popular.
  • In this modern nation, the education sector is the second most important industry. Thanks to six institutions that are so excellent that they draw thousands of international students, it has more students per capita than any other nation.
  • North Cyprus has a gold mine that is just waiting to be uncovered. Its pristine beaches, villages, and cities are hidden behind its pristine surroundings and natural magnificence for real estate in Northern Cyprus.
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Historical Background and Current Patterns

It came gradually throughout this recovery were a result of both renewed foreign investment and economic stabilization. This pattern persisted throughout the year, indicating a high level of demand from purchasers abroad.

Is it wise to own real estate in Northern Cyprus?

Investing in real estate in Northern Cyprus offers several opportunities to purchase property at the present low rates, potentially yielding a rapid return on investment.

Many people have the desire to purchase real estate abroad, particularly in a nation near the sea. Buying real estate overseas is a significant choice that needs planning and preparation, even while the process may be thrilling. When carrying out the procedure, whether it is done locally or abroad, there are several factors to take into account. So what should be carefully considered while purchasing real estate in Northern Cyprus?

Foreign investment in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has just recently started. Though almost unknown to the outside world, the area is a true “pearl” of the Mediterranean. Along with the stunning scenery and infinite sand beaches, the northern portion of the island offers amazing business potential that should not be overlooked. The average price per square meter in Northern Cyprus is still about one thousand euros, whereas it has long ago surpassed three thousand euros in other Mediterranean-coastal nations.

Choosing an asset in Northern Cyprus

Select the appropriate attribute first and foremost. Let’s first go over the factors to take into account while buying any kind of property:

In addition to taking resale value into account, you should put your new house in an area that has substantial potential for expansion and development in the future.

Choose a place with excellent infrastructure and facilities. For example, a home’s worth increases if it’s close to big stores, schools, hospitals, freeways, train stations, and other facilities.Things to think about while buying real estate

Select a location, make financial arrangements, make a budget, and more.

The condition of the structure; the ease of access to water and power; the requirement for furniture and improvements, as well as the associated costs.


In the third quarter of this year, there was a spike in property sales in the island nation of North Cyprus, with five Russians among the top buyers. The top 5 buyers were from countries that speak Russian: Iran, Turkey, Germany, the UK, and other European countries.

While German and British customers opted to buy closer to the center of Kyrenia, Lapta, and some at Esentepe, Iranians, and Russians had a preference for the town of Iskele.

Seeking refuge from the Western sanctions imposed on Moscow due to its invasion of Ukraine, Russian investors were pouring money into North Cyprus. Germans looking to escape Europe’s oppressive tax rules, growing costs, and political constraints. Northern Cyprus is attracting German families who are considering migrating there because it offers better English-speaking schools, lower crime rates, and a more economical cost of living than other European countries.

  • North Cyprus has long been isolated from the outside world due to a lack of trade and direct flights.
  • Due largely to competition from overseas students, the demand for student housing is propelling the buy-to-let real estate market for both domestic and foreign investors.
  • North Cyprus’s ideal position has helped students from various Turkish-speaking countries, including Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Low expense, high yield

International students find studying in North Cyprus very affordable and enticing due to the region’s affordable cost of living, affordable cost of education, and affordable student housing. Additionally, teaching English is a major component of the curricula at numerous local colleges according to property for sale in North Cyprus by owners.

The yearly rental returns topped 10% from 2016 to 2020. The global pandemic caused this percentage to plummet to 5%, though, and considering the effect of TL’s devaluation against foreign money, this figure could seem steady for a few more years.

The main reasons for this are the limited number of development plots and the amount of land that is available for utilization. Not to add that a new law that limits and decreases the number of units that may be developed, especially in Kyrenia’s city center and surrounding regions, has been implemented by the TRNC municipal planning office.

Optimistic Real Estate Market

Buying Property in Northern Cyprus: The demand for rental properties in Kyrenia and its surrounding communities—Karaoaoglanoglu, Lapta, and Alsancak on the west side and Ozankoy and Catalkoy on the eastern side of Kyrenia City center—will rise in tandem with the number of international students, the tourism industry, and the number of foreign workers. Developers will be forced by supply and demand to start constructing more houses for investors, but the total number of units they may construct will only be allowed on development sites in compliance with the new construction codes.

This new legislation will only increase the cost of the units. Investment in real estate in North Cyprus’ Kyrenia area seems appealing given the effect of worldwide inflation on construction supplies. It is based on the fact that there aren’t many brand-new or previously owned apartments available in Kyrenia’s downtown, and it might see capital growth of more than 30% soon.

Therefore, after subtracting the minimal 5% annual rental income of five years and the 30% appreciation, a 70,000 GBP investment in Kyrenia’s city center may return a roughly 50% profit.

Forbes magazine has listed North Cyprus’ Iskele neighborhood as one of the top ten beach places in the world to buy or invest in real estate. However, Kyrenia will continue to be the most lucrative city on its own in the global real estate market, not only in North Cyprus.

To purchase real estate in Northern Cyprus, follow these steps:

  • Look over and select a property.
  • Select the conditions and purchase price in consultation with the vendor.
  • Sign a reservation agreement and make a down payment of one to five thousand pounds.
  • Get a lawyer to go over titles.
  • Make your payment using the specified rules.

The maximum amount of real estate you may purchase in North Cyprus

  • Unless they acquire a foreign or Turkish title, foreigners are restricted to one property or one donum of land (14,400 square feet) per individual or married couple. In Northern Cyprus, the typical payback period for real estate is eight to 10 years.
  • Non-citizens are permitted to possess up to five doughnuts, or little more than 1.5 acres (5 dunums) of land OR a house on up to that amount of land, in a single property registered in the name of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). However, foreigners may easily and often buy numerous residences by establishing a business or trust that is registered in North Cyprus, or by finding a reliable nominee to hold ownership on your behalf.
  • Wife and husband are each allowed to possess one property, however they might be eligible to own two if their passports have different surnames. An individual or an organization may register a property. For guidance on forming a TRNC corporation or using trustees to hold the property’s title on your behalf—both of which may have tax advantages—get in touch with our NCI advisers.
  • In North Cyprus, each property has a freehold title deed associated with it. The TRNC does not own any leasehold.
  • At NCI, we take great satisfaction in removing the stress from the selection process and want to make the process of purchasing a home in North Cyprus joyful. It is usual to hold a home reservation once on the island by paying a non-refundable deposit of around £10,000. Depending on the type of property being owned, this sum varies. The deposit may be moved to another property owned or developed by the same company.
  • You can choose to pay the vendor directly or via your attorney. To watch, nevertheless, a lot of people like to make reservations in advance.
  • To provide you with complete peace of mind, NCI has set up a special 7-day refundable deposit that may be paid in advance of your journey to North Cyprus. This will allow you ample time to schedule a flight to visit the property. NCI, a corporation that takes great pride in operating ethically, strongly warns against doing business with anybody who requests an ambiguous deposit in advance of your visit.
  • The most property you can buy in Northern Cyprus

Reasons to purchase property in North Cyprus

  • Investors and expatriate relocation purchasers are the two categories of foreign buyers in Northern Cyprus.
  • Because of its lovely sunny atmosphere, reasonable real estate prices, low crime rate, and easy access to fresh food, North Cyprus has long been a preferred destination for real estate purchasers.
  • The middle-class expatriates who choose to retire there and the younger families who migrate there in search of reasonably priced housing, excellent schools for their children, and low crime rates are the main reasons why North Cyprus real estate is in such great demand at the moment.
  • Not only are properties in North Cyprus a wise choice for investors, but people are also moving to and retiring to North Cyprus more and more frequently.
  • An increasing number of people are studying North Cyprus and comparing real estate prices throughout the world thanks to the internet, YouTube, and social media. Foreign investors’ interest in the North Cyprus real estate market has increased in this new era.

North Cyprus is a popular destination due to its many perks, unlike some other nations like Greece, Portugal, and Dubai which promise pricey real estate investments or citizenship for sale.

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Investing in Northern Cyprus real estate has several advantages for investors, such as:

  • Inexpensive real estate increases tax advantages and rental returns.
  • stable political climate
  • low rate of crime
  • Possibility of travel
  • Gorgeous surroundings with an expanding economy
  • considerable financial benefits of the law when applied properly

Other advantages come from owners selling their home in North Cyprus:

  • No limitations on the purchase or sale of investment assets guaranteed by the government
  • Not a single inheritance, financial gain, or property tax
  • Potential admission to the European Union with alone a legitimate residence permit
  • Good capital growth and a low cost of living
  • Reasonably priced rental real estate 

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Why Buy Property in North of Cyprus?

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